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Subscription-Based Planning

Life is fluid—opportunities arise, goals change, and people surprise you. The goals you had five, ten or twenty years ago probably aren’t the same goals you have now. For that reason, financial planning at its best is never a one-and-done process. We believe our role as your financial associate should go beyond setting up your accounts and sending a yearly email. Instead we want to walk with you through the different seasons of life, so we’ve created a unique approach that takes our ability to serve you to the next level.

Here at Parkes Financial, we offer a cutting-edge subscription model designed to give you on-demand service when you need it most. We offer three unique levels tailored to your needs and phase of life. Each tier offers ongoing communication with our financial experienced professionals and regular reports and projections to keep you informed about your progress.

10 Key Benefits of Subscription-Based Planning

Is It Right For Me?

  1. 1


    Having a professional team available exactly when you need it.

  2. 2

    No hidden costs.

    Simple and clear payment for services.

  3. 3


    Relevant guidance tailored to you.

  4. 4


    Bringing all the pieces together into a coordinated strategy.

  5. 5


    Eliminate duplication of effort through streamlined services.

  1. 6

    Stay organized.

    Updates to your strategy made real-time as your life changes.

  2. 7

    Stay on track.

    Tracking your progress toward financial goals over time.

  3. 8

    Keep learning.

    Ongoing discussions around the best financial strategies for you.

  4. 9

    Reduce conflicts-of-interest.

    Mitigates potential advisor conflicts-of-interest.

  5. 10


    Make your life easier.

Young Professional

Services Included

  • Income protection analysis (including Disability insurance planning)
  • Cash flow planning and monitoring (including Corestone® WBA Reservoir setup)
  • Basic investments strategy
  • Student debt analysis and debt planning strategy
  • Life-event based consultations
  • Ongoing quarterly progress report and tutorials

Professional/ Family

Services Included

  • Comprehensive income protection and risk analysis
  • Cash flow planning and monitoring (including Corestone® WBA Reservoir setup and full access to team concierge)
  • Comprehensive investments analysis and strategy
  • Employee benefits analysis, optimization/coordination between spouses
  • Debt analysis and debt planning strategy
  • Net worth analysis and tracking of progress
  • Tax strategy and planning*
  • Up to 4 personal 60-min consultations with advisor per year
  • Wealth Management full planning experience
  • Ongoing quarterly progress report and tutorials
  • Retirement income planning analysis and strategy

Business Owner

Services Included

  • Annual Insights™ Enterprise package including:
  • Comprehensive financial inventory (personal + business)
  • Organization, mapping, and aggregation of accounts and entities (personal + business)
  • Comprehensive risk management analysis (personal + business)
  • Tax Insights and strategy* (personal + business)
  • Business continuation/exit planning strategy
  • Business performance insights
  • Business valuation and industry benchmarking
  • Sufficiency Insights
  • Efficiency Insights

Plus (for Business Owner)

  • Retirement income planning analysis and strategy 
  • Coordination with existing legal and tax advisors
  • Quarterly planning sessions with specialists team

*Parkes Financial does not provide tax advice.