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Corporate Financial Wellness

We provide Corporate Financial Wellness Services

The financial wellness program offered by the company for its employees introduces essential personal finance principles from a distinctive balance sheet perspective. This educational program has the potential to greatly influence financial decisions, enabling participants to improve their management of lifetime earnings and financial status.

By following a structured approach, the program demonstrates the logical progression and prioritization of financial choices, guiding individuals towards a stable financial future with clarity, assurance, and peace of mind.

Financial Wellness benefits both company and empolyee

The Reality Is...

People work hard to make the most of their income and create momentum with their money - amidst a lot of financial clutter, and often without the benefit of a clear-cut financial strategy."

So, what if life doesn't go as planned? What if you don't save as much as you thought you would? Or your investments don't produce as had hoped? Or unexpected losses or expenses pop up (career, education, health, home, car), as they often do?


of Employee's say that financial matters cause them the most stress in their lives

Source: Employee Financial Wellness Survey.
PWC, 2016

The Corporate Financial Wellness Program Offers a personal financial scorecard

The Corporate Financial Wellness Program Offers a personal financial scorecard

A company-sponsored financial wellness program that introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique balance sheet perspective. It's a learning experience that can have a powerful effect on financial decision-making so participants can achieve a higher degreee of control over their lifetime earnings and overall financial picture.

The step-by-step approach shows you the simple logic and the ideal order of financial decision-making that guide you toward a solid financial future with clarity, confidence, and security.

When it comes to your own financial life—income, savings, retirement accounts, paying down debt, managing spending and the like—the more you understand, the more you might realize there’s a lot you still don’t know. The important thing is you’re paying attention. And with the right perspective on things, you can achieve more in your quest for financial well-being than you thought you could.

The Living Balance Sheet® is an interactive web-based tool guided by a powerful philosophy to financial decision making. It follows a time-tested process that provides clients financial clarity, organization, and an understanding of how each financial decision affects the other.

The Living Balance Sheet (LBS) offers a holistic overview of your personalized financial picture – and journey – all in one place. But having all your financial information readily available to you is only the first step. The step-by-step approach of LBS shows you the simple logic and order of financial decision-making that help you reach your financial goals.

Our uncommon approach to financial strategies is grounded on decades of experience. Let us help you get to the financial life you want.



Series of customizable, in-person and/or web-based workshops supported by automated communications.

Content tailored to benefit any group or segment of employees



Participants get access to a secure, private, confidential website and a personalized scorecard.

Interactive learning tools, videos, articles, and other valuable resources.



Access to a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with a Wealth Steps professional.

Ability to meet with a financial professional in-person or via the web

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