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Dave Parkes, Parkes Financial has earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation from The American College of Financial Services. Using the most current retirement portfolio management techniques, the RICP® advisor helps to identify retirement income needs and objectives relative to the client’s lifestyle goals in retirement. Individuals who earn an RICP® designation can provide knowledgeable advice on a broad range of retirement topics including the proper use of annuities, mitigation of risks to retirement income planning, estate issues, Social Security, health insurance, housing decisions, and income taxation.

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We realize that balancing your professional and personal life can be a challenge, especially when your work impacts the lives of others.

We know our financial guidance affects your future and those you care for, so we’re dedicated to the details, leaving you to focus on what’s important to you–whether that’s healing patients, having dinner with family, or writing code.

I’m a Resident Physician or a Recent College Grad

You've just graduated and are learning the ropes of a new residency or job, managing debt, and budgeting.

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I’m an
Established Professional

You've put years into your profession and want to make sure you can enjoy life now while still preparing for the future.

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I'm a
Business Owner

You've built a business you're proud of and want to make sure you're taking advantage of every opportunity.

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I’m a Director
of Benefits

You oversee the company's benefits and want to make sure you're getting the
best service.

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