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SCVMC CIR-InsMed DI Benefits

To the Interns and Residents We Serve,

You are probably aware that Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) has negotiated a wonderful benefits package for Residents in your program including your Guardian group Disability Income (DI) insurance. A vital part of this package is the ability to continue your DI protection with guaranteed issue individual DI insurance which you can carry with you for your entire career. This is a critically important and often unknown/misunderstood benefit. CIR is working with a nationwide insurance agency (InsMed) to administer and distribute DI benefits to programs like yours across the US.

 Who we are:

For SCVMC Residents, Dave Parkes is your local authorized InsMed representative, and Parkes Financial Group administers Disability Income (DI) insurance benefits for your program. Our team is here to help you take advantage of the DI benefits negotiated for you by CIR and more.

 Our objective:

To provide education and remove the hassle of getting DI.

We are here to help you understand your current group DI insurance benefits and help you to navigate what can be a very confusing/stressful process to obtain individual DI insurance protection.

 Our responsibility is to help Residents:

To be aware that we are a resource you can connect with at any time.
To get answers to your questions regarding your CIR DI benefits and know your options.
To shop quotes from major DI carriers, then help you compare/vet contract features,
benefits, and costs so you can make an informed, confident decision for your DI protection.

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Phone: 408.392.7846

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You can text us to schedule a convenient time for you to meet and discuss your options.Call us to schedule a meeting, discuss your options and complete your application.We invite you to schedule a meeting through our convenient online link.You can first request a quote and when we meet discuss your best options.

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