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16 May
Bridging the Disability Gap | 10 AM PST


Disability Insurance - I think I have that through my work, and probably won't ever need it.

Let's hope you don't, but consider this:

  • If you’re under age 35, chances are one in three that you will be disabled for at least six months during the course of your career.*
  • Three in 10 workers who entered the workforce in 2007 will become disabled before retiring.*
  • Most disability policies cover 60-65% of your income. Would that be enough? Could you really get by?


Don’t let the vague knowledge of having some disability coverage through an employer keep you from truly assessing your options for better income protection.  

In this easy to understand webinar, we'll share:

  • An easy "stress-test" you can try in the best of times (rather than waiting for the worst of times)
  • How to identify what you really might need, versus what your plan may cover
  • Options for "bridging the gap" between your employer's coverage and what you need

We've squeezed a lot of insights into an easy to understand 25-minute webinar - click here to register today!

Join us on May 16th at 10:00AM PST or 5:30PM PST

Look forward to seeing you there!

Date and Time

May 16, 2023 - July 16, 2023

10:00a - 10:30a PST




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